Green valley with wind turbines and mountains in the back
Green valley with wind turbines and mountains in the back

Evoke Health

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Evoke Health is a health-tech company that facilitates better communication between senior care home residents, their families, and medical staff. Their digital product, Engage+, is a comprehensive web-based portal that allows users to access information about a resident's health, exchange messages with the clinical team, book appointments, share documents, and more.


Evoke Health’s team has requested a refresh of their web platform’s UI along with the improvement of the overall user experience. They also wanted to have the design adapted for mobile and tablet devices due to a high demand for portable version of their platform.

Web Design

A large portion of the project involved establishing a refreshed design system that would be scalable and visually pleasing while staying true to the existing brand. Besides Redesigning existing UI and user flows I also created dashboard and analytics pages from scratch.

I have also been supporting Evoke Health on an ongoing basis helping with UX/UI design of the new features frequently requested by their clients. Some of the recently designed features include:

  • Overhauled calendar page (daily / weekly / monthly views)
  • Updated booking / “managing event types” user flows
  • Redesigned documents page / “add documents” user flow
  • RSVP widget / RSVP status page
  • Filtering widget
  • Google review / feedback user flows


With less available space on mobile devices, it was decided to bring the most visited pages to the bottom navigation menu while having other pages accessible through the hamburger menu. By ensuring the large size of the clickable elements, accompanying icons and sufficient contrast, we focused on making the design accessible for older users.

Mobile System

To ensure the best use practices and consistency on devices of various screen sizes the design guide was created. By specifying spacing, font sizes, and style of interactive elements the aim was to remove the guessing part for developers.

iPad Design

With more available screen space, the iPad app design is a mix between the mobile and web versions. Some of the unique interface elements tailored for iPad users are convenient and readily available side navigation bar and a working area split into two sections to maximize the utilization of free space.

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