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I will
build / reintroduce your brand,
create a holistic strategy,
put together a campaign and more.

What i do



what i do

Every project is special and often demands its own set of visuals to express or support the message. No matter whether your idea demands big or small, static or motion, print or digital graphic designs, my expertise will provide it.

  • Slide deck

  • Brochure

  • Catalog

  • Poster

  • Motion graphics

  • Advertising creative

  • Banner

  • And more...

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Having a distinct voice is a must-have for any brand striving to be successful in a modern world where competition is as fierce as it was never before. I can help your company define that unique voice and build a strong image in the eyes of your customers and stakeholders.

  • Logo

  • Brand audit

  • Brand Identity

  • Brand style guide

  • Graphic toolbox

  • Social media template

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Sometimes simply putting together all ingredients does not result in a great meal. Knowing how to combine all of your pieces into one delicious strategy is what sets apart a truly great company from a mediocre one.

By taking a holistic approach to all of the touchpoints your brand has, I would be able to create a set of recommendations to increase customers’ engagement / awareness / interest.

  • Media strategy plan

  • Positioning

  • Messaging

  • Competitive Analysis

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Focusing on ease-of-use, great navigation and visual excellence, I am able to take your idea for a mobile app or a website from the research stages to the completed design and prototype. Thorough process and human-centered approach will make sure to leave your users with the best experience possible.

  • Mobile design

  • Website design

  • Wireframing

  • Interactive prototyping

  • SEO

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Pat Chaisang,
Founder & CEO


We needed an updated website that speaks to our new product offering and positioning. 

Alex’s ability to deliver the results exactly how we wanted them was spectacular. We didn't have to explain much about how we wanted the project to be done, Alex just "gets it!". He also keeps himself accountable and was very punctual to the deadlines.

Alex has an outstanding portfolio with clean and organized designs. More importantly, when speaking with Alex, he puts his client first. Always listening he tries to understand our problems while seeking solutions that are most beneficial to the client. 

I'd recommend Alex to any potential clients in need of a next-level creative. In fact, we have already recommended his services to another company. 

Ron Glozman,


Good design skills, clear communication and good understanding of the desired branding is what made Aleksandr’s services stand out for me.

I needed help with designing the brand, website and associated marketing materials for my new fractional ownership investment company. Upon successful completion of this project, final result has met all of the expectations. The design was clean and elegant, and Aleks was thoughtful to work with.

For the reasons listed above I would definitely recommend Aleksandr’s services to anyone looking for a complete branding and marketing package.

Mike Wood,
Director of Business Development

RidgeTech Automation

From the very beginning we could tell that Alex was energetic and enthusiastic about what he does.  He did a great job of blending the creative side with the business side to drive the positive results that we were looking for.  He created a brand book to help guide our marketing decisions and keep our team on track.  He modified our website to improve search engine optimization and he created a variety of LinkedIn posts relating to both sales and employee recruitment. We engaged Alex to help us expand our social media presence and refresh our sales presentations.

Alex quickly recognized that our team of engineers & technologists were out of our comfort zone when it came to marketing and he really stepped up and drove the entire process.  We were very impressed with Alex’s work and we plan to use his services again in the future.

Jose Correa,

Magellan Construction

I needed to have a professional website developed for my business and thanks to Alex it is now live up and running. Alex’s services stood out for me because of his practical advice, good design sense and tasteful recommendations. In addition to meeting all of my expectations, I really enjoyed reliability and good communication during the process. I like to encourage and promote good businesses especially when I believe they deserve the recognition. Since there is a reputation to uphold with my word.

I only recommend worthy individuals/businesses where merit has earned them that status, this is such a case. I already have recommended Alex’s services and will continue to.  

Harry Schiestel,

Legacy Prints Inc.

Prior art from graphic designers, did not offer uniqueness of concept when comparing the various designs. Alex’s designs are exclusive, ultra-modern, and will appeal to a wider audience. His theme-based design portfolio has an extra WOW factor, then portfolio prepared by the previous graphic designers.

Alex has a unique talent to balance designs, considering the array of layouts, fonts, colors, illustrations, etc.